Time Stalkers Apr 11, 2000 prototype dreamcast

Time Stalkers, also known as Climax Landers in Japan1, is a role-playing video game released in 1999 on Dreamcast.

The game published by Sega was developed by Climax Entertainment. The game brings crossover aspects from several Climax Entertainment games.

Time Stalkers on Dreamcast is a role-playing game that draws you into a mysterious world of strange lands and winding mazes. Play as Sword and discover the origins of your world. The quest leads the hero to use weapons and magic spells in turn-based combat, with each success gaining experience and at the same time becoming more powerful.

The peculiarities of the prototype:

At launch, debug mode selection in 50 or 60 hz

On the first controller: START - Scroll down to DEBUG and you will have the option to change the following:

  • Item (ID / LV), Selecting Add will put the item in your inventory

  • Skill (ID / LV), as above

  • Spell (ID / LV), as above

  • Monster (ID / LV), as above

  • Level (ID / LV), selecting "set" will set your level to what you specify

  • True Exp (ID / LV): I don't understand what it is

  • Quest (ID / LV): I don't understand how to use it

  • Well used (Check OFF / ON): I don't understand how you use it




-Technical Range

  • Close

Time Stalkers dreamcast prototype map se
Time Stalker DC map debug.png
Time Stalkers Dreamcast Debug Menu proto

With a controller in the 3rd port of the console:

  • Y - debug stats, seems to correlate with player x / y / z coordinates

  • L - memory, flag viewer?

  • A - walk fast

  • X + Dpad - change character lighting and shadows

  • Start - Pause the game

  • Y + UP (dpad): Select Screen Debugger (will only appear if debug statistics are enabled by pressing Y, use controller 1)

- Piece / Dungeon (followed by X / Y / Z coords)

- Map No

- Man No







The Old Man

You have more playable NPCs but I don't know their names, after number 6 you still see Sword in the status.

- Action No: I don't understand how to use it

- Collision Draw setting it to yes only displays collisions on the map

- Camera No

- Music No: to listen to all the different music

- SE No: to listen to sounds

- WAVE No: to listen to other sounds

- Save

Time Stalkers prototype debug dreamcast.
Time Stalkers beta light debug dreamcast
Time Stalker dreamcast beta light debug

Lighting configuration screen:

Event flag and DungeonNum, the right combo, you change the time of the game. You can definitely see cutscenes

Monster select screen

Time Stalker dreamcast GD-R Monster sele

Dungeon screen

time Stalkers donjon debug menu.png

Information screen

Time Stalkers information screen prototy

The ideal is to download the instructions that I had created. You will find there the database of items that we can create, the references to teleport to such or such level or such or such kinematics, and finally the monster databe.

You can download the games below

Time Stalkers (Apr 11, 2000 prototype)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You can download my user manual below

Debug menu notice for Time Stalkers (Apr 11, 2000 prototype)

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Time Stalker beta dreamcast
Time Stalkers prototype