Sonic Adventure planet Web V0.500 1999/06/10 dreamcast prototype (subject to change)

Faster than ever, SONIC made its comeback on Dreamcast in a game of unprecedented graphics quality. Mixing platform game and adventure game in a real-time 3D environment, SONIC ADVENTURE would provide players with long hours of entertainment.

The graphics quality, the use of cameras and the control of SONIC and his friends amazed us with their precision and ease of use. We discovered one after another the six worlds in which SONIC had to defeat his enemies, collect the maximum number of rings, find the famous emeralds and many objects allowing him to access the other levels. Thanks to the VM, we loaded games, saved our settings and raised our creatures.

The main strengths of Sonic Adventure :

  • Many games in one (shooting, surfing, flying, racing, pinball…).

  • 6 characters available with their own characteristics and routes.

  • Total freedom of movement at 360 ° in a real-time 3D environment.

  • Exceptional graphic quality.

  • Varied sound backgrounds of incomparable quality.

  • Breathtaking speed and playability.

  • Possible loading of mini-games to the VM

Sonic Adventure logo
Sonic Adventure roulade

Sonic would be nothing without his faithful friends he met during his 15 years of existence.

We must not forget to mention his acolytes who have accompanied him since 1991 as well as his sworn enemy, Doctor Robotnik. We will briefly introduce you to a few that made the Sonic Adventure series so successful.

Tails, first appeared in 1992 in Sonic the hedgehog 2

Tails Sega (Sonic Adventure)

Tails is a young humanoid fox with two tails, from which he derives his nickname (tail being the English word for tail) thanks to which he can fly for a few seconds. In the series, Tails is eight years old, is 80 centimeters tall and weighs 20 kilograms. He's also a mechanic freak, and that will come in handy in many games.

Knuckles, first appeared in 1994 in Sonic the hedgehog 3

Knuckles Sega (Sonic Adventure)

He's a 17-year-old red echidna with dreadlocks. Knuckles is the keeper of the Floating Island and the Mother Emerald. He has spiked gloves, which allows him to destroy things like stone pillars. However, despite being an anti-hero, he still fights alongside Sonic and his comrades.

Big the Cat, first appeared in 1999 in Sonic Adventure

Big the Cat Sega (Sonic Adventure)

Big the Cat is an 18-year-old fishing cat. he loses his lifelong companion, his frog Froggy, who has been absorbed by Chaos's tail. His frog has stolen a Chaos Emerald and has run away and he tries to find it.

Amy Rose, first appeared in 1993 in Sonic the Hedgehog Mega CD

Amy Rose Sega (Sonic Adventure)

Amy is a follower of clairvoyance, more particularly Tarots. She had predicted that she would meet a beautiful blue hedgehog. She's a 12-year-old hedgehog in love with Sonic. Amy has a strong character. She gets angry very easily, but is often in a good mood.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik aka Eggman literally meaning egg man

Eggman Sega (Sonic Adventure)

Doctor Ivo Robotnik is Sonic's enemy. He is obese, with an egg-shaped body and sports a large, imposing mustache. He's a mad scientist with an IQ of 300. He has childish and ridiculous behavior. He tries to conquer the world by enslaving the population through robotization to serve his whims.


The peculiarities of the prototype:


This prototype might not deserve a page on its own. Its content is perhaps not the most interesting but the process, its creation is a first.

It only contains data from the Sonic Aventure website (the site must be similar to that of the Japanese version). There is a Patch Note.

This is the first time that we are faced with creating a GD-R that only contains information related to a website. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us, according to the first feedback, to put it back online.

You can download it below:

Sonic Adventure Planet Web V0.500 1999/06/10

Sonic adventure web site prototype.jpg
Sonic Adventure patch note prototype.jpg

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