​The Origin of the "Sega Dreamcast Info" Site

To briefly introduce myself I am a Swiss collector called Comby Laurent . My collection is SEGA oriented, particularly on the Dreamcast . I am active in the preservation of video game heritage with the following philosophy:


For 12 years, I have been able to acquire many pieces, some of which are unique in the world. Some people who have worked in the industry have also given me information that is often unpublished. I had to share it with as many people as possible. The site was born from this desire to share. It has turned into a mini virtual museum.

Prototype releases:

Le blog :

Articles related to video games:



The sections of the site:

Over the years, I have been able to find Unreleased for the Dreamcast . If some had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to participate in writing a new page in the history of Sega's latest console.

There you will be able to download canceled games like Agartha , Castlevania and Half Life .

Half Life dreamcast beta
Castlevania Resurrection dreamcast proto

Possessing the Rush 35mm reels of commercials  Sega French Megadrive with the punk " Sega c'est plus fort que toi ", one of my projects was to digitize them to offer them to you in high definition.

You will be able to watch 2 h 30 of the Making Of  devoted to pubs. The project, from the acquisition to the digitization of the reels, is detailed on this page. A photo archive had been carried out.

This section is dedicated to the Acclaim prototype and its history.

​ It is divided into two parts :

Acclaim Video Game Prototype

This section lists my articles related to video games, for example the discovery of Stroumpfs on Dreamcast and Playstation 2 or the history of Sega France after-sales service .

I'm also trying to create a database, especially for the Dreamcast White Label and Limited consoles .

Half Life dreamcast
Classeur SEGA France SAV.jpg

Before creating the site, I was doing my releases of prototypes, documents and Dreamcast dev kit content on various forums. All my old and new releases are referenced under this heading.

The most interesting betas (debug menu, early build) have their own pages. Do not hesitate to consult the
Crazy Taxi prototype with 6  different cameras.

Disc Première Dreamcast bundle.jpg

The blog was created to talk about everything and nothing.