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  1. SEGA EPK August 2005 (Gamescom) press kit release

  2. SEGA En-Joint + High Tech flyers commercial document release

  3. Sega Us Merchandising 1995-1996 Leaflet release

  4. Master CD for video family Sega game 3D-Eye TriSpectives soft release

  5. The House of the Dead Overkill Annoucement Assets

  6. SEGA EPK 2006 (Gamescom) press kit release

  7. Sega E3 art disc press kit release

  8. Sega Official DVD 2010 (TGS) release

  9. Official Saturn 1997 game list with barcode and Sega code

  10. Official Sega  1993-1994-1995 game list (Megadrive, Mega CD, Game Gear, Master System) with barcode and Sega code

  11. Megadrive-Game Gear-Master System Pack Console French Listing

SEGA EPK August 2005 (Gamescom)

German press CD (Gamescom) containing artworks, videos, information about released titles.

You can download it below:

SEGA EPK August 2005

texte allemand.jpg

SEGA En-Joint + High Tech commercial flyers

Here are two documents provided by Vaergas collec ( his facebook ), scanned by him. We can thank him. These are commercial brochures for professionals.

You will find the files in PDF (in 2 parts each time) as well as in JPG if you want to translate the photos.

You can download it below the SEGA EN-Joint flyers:

SEGA EN-Joint flyers

You can download it below the SEGA High Tech flyers:

SEGA High Tech flyers


Sega Us Merchandising 1995-1996 Leaflet

A promotional flyer from Sega Us aimed at stores. It presents in photos and information the various promotional items of the brand at the herission. You can see furniture, showcases, terminals and displays.

You can download it below:

Sega Us Merchandising 1995-1997 Leaflet (PDF and JPEG)