Ring: the ring of the Nibelungen Dreamcast


  • The owner of the prototype for sending it to me to dump it. He prefers to remain anonymous.

  • Darc and Japanese-cake for checking the games and mainly SiZious who managed to hack him.


Ring: The Ring of the Nibelungen is an adventure game exclusively based on Richard Wagner's opera, The Ring of the Nibelung, inspired by Germanic and Nordic mythologies. In this app, you follow the fate of the 4 original protagonists of the opera, in the order you want. Only playable with the mouse, the game offers a first person view, where the pointer indicates either a direction to take or an object with which you can interact.

The game was developed by "Arxel Tribe" and published by "Cryo Interactive".

If we know the PC version released in 1998, it's a surprise to learn that a dreamcast port was planned. For unknown reasons, the dreamcast version never came out.

"We had managed to produce some beautiful images for this game, Philipe Druillet had been great with the teams"

"Indeed, a Dreamcast version was initially planned after the PC. Unfortunately, Cryo finally canceled it. Too bad, I loved this console for my part, ahead of its time. But life far too short!"

"The Dreamcast sales were disappointing, and the publisher preferred not to take the risk ..."

"I am very proud of our Ring, a rather insane bet for the time and a fabulous collaboration with Druillet!"

"Well done for preserving anyway, I don't know where you found this record, but it's collector!"

“While stories about the Dreamcast ports of Deux Ex and Anachronox circulated in 1999, no work was ever done on a Dreamcast port for any of our games. Sorry, but Ion Storm never planned to do one. porting a game developed by someone else. We were an original game studio, not a port studio. " Ion Storm was one of the leads regarding the Ring porting studio, he is mentioned on the wikipedia page.

version pc.jpg

I searched the internet to see if there was any information about a dreamcast version. I've found nothing. You would have to flip through all the video game magazines so that you could find something mentioning it. Since it is on my canceled games list, it must have been quoted, even briefly somewhere.

Its acquisition is anecdotal. All canceled games discoveries are.


A friend contacted me a few weeks ago saying he could have his first dreamcast prototype. He took the opportunity to ask me if it was interesting. The GD-R being on a katana CD, with "beta" written, it seemed to me to have potential. I thought we had to do with the Japanese game "The Ring: Terror's Realm", the name little confusing.

Unreleased : Ring : The Legend of the Nibelungen prototype sega dreamcast

As he knows my attraction to dreamcast prototypes, he sent it to me. Moreover, we can still thank him for his generosity. It was when I saw that the game asked me for disc 1 that I understood that I was in the presence of an unreleased.

Unreleased : Ring : The Legend of the Nibelungen Sega dreamcast insert disc 1

We had a major problem, we didn't have the other records and it was impossible to get our hands on them. The only solution to make it work was to hack it. My basic idea was just to be able to pass the request to insert disc 1 in order to at least access the menu and why not see a cutscene.

So I sent the ISO of disc 2 to some hackneyed acquaintances of the dreamcast scene. One of them managed to hack the game. It was even possible to play there !!!

Maybe this release will bring out the 2 missing CDs ...

Unreleased : Ring : The Legend of the Nibelungen main menu sega dreamcast
Unreleased : Ring : The Legend of the Nibelungen in game sega dreamcast

We are able to offer you a package including 3 ISO games in GDI format, the original dump, the hacked and playable GD-rom 2 as well as a strange demo.

The hard part being done, we leave it to you to create a CDI.

I am told through the headset that it might be possible to put together the complete games being similar to the PC version. It will take a lot of work !!! If some want to embark on this project ...

It's up to you hee hee hee.

read me ring.jpg

This discovery proves that there must be a good number of canceled games that we don't even know exist.

What if the PC games released in the late 90s would have ended up on SEGA's latest console at some point?

You can download it below:

Ring: the ring of Nibelungen

Ring: the ring of Nibelungen (Archive.org)

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