Releases exclusive to the site

Below are the  exclusive shares of my prototypes. The most interesting releases have their own pages.


The Unreleasead

Homebrew, a "Shoot'em up" that has been canceled.

The only known prototype of this game. Its promotional version "White Label" is rare.

Dreamcast port of the PC game "Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen" which was unknown in the Unreleased lists.

Posting of the preparatory work for this canceled RPG of the Dreamcast created by a French collective.

The Holy Grail of Dreamcast Unreleased is finally live in an E3 pre-demo.

A new prototype version of this survival horror discovered in the form of an interactive video thanks to a debug menu

The first canceled gaming GD-I first discovered in 2003.

New build of this Rail Shooter and first GDI of the game.

Bulk prototype direct links:

Unreleased Dreamcast Games (Castlevania, Half Life ...).jpg

You can interact with the demo using the debug menu or the free camera. It was present in the first SDKs used for the development of games on Dreamcast.

Shenmue 2 US V0.991 (Sep 14, 2001 prototype): Release of the American version canceled. This prototype has two Debugs Menus. We realize that they allow a lot of things in the game.

the most interesting protypes:

Certainly the rarest "White Label", its history remains a mystery.

Early build with important differences like the menu interface.

Prototype with an impressive menu debug.

Prototype based on Sonic Adventure 2 demo.

Early Build certainly useful at the Toy Fair.

This Sonic Adventure GD-R only contains data from the game's website, including pre-release patch notes.

This version has several dev options like flight mode or free camera.

A fall of 6 different versions of Quake 3 including an alpha E3 version

This early beta certainly corresponds to the same Naomi version that was unveiled during "AOU2000 Amusement Expo"

Icon of different menus, dev option present and so on!

Unique camera option, a lot of difference in the game.

Build fully translated into English with the option "Cable link" still present.

Several Dreamcast prototypes for World Series Baseball 2K1 including an E3 build

Outtrigger prototype that was undoubtedly used for E3. Differences are visible.

Graphics and gameplay differences. In the game files, there are unused characters

Graphic differences, the translation from Japanese to English was in progress. This build looks like the Japanese Trial version.

Documents, press kit, various

Gamescom Sega press kit.

Japanese commercial flyers.

Half Life Strategy Guide.

French Press Kit (Blue Stinger, Sonic Adventure ect ...).

File on the origin of the Dreamcast First Disc as well as its release.

American commercial booklet with the range of POS, furnishing for the year 95-96.

Artwork, concept art, sketch, Word file for Fur Fighter game (size 4GB).

Commercial document between 3DF Interactive and Sega concerning the Black Belt project.

This is a Technical Demo made by Yu Suzuki for the "The Sega New Challenge Conference" event (the first time Sega unveiled the Dreamcast).