Release prototypes, documents ...

You will find there the different shares of my prototypes, dev kit contents, document etc ...

The most interesting releases have their own pages.

I also have 1000 pages of confidential documents. Not being able to put them on the internet, you will be able to consult them directly at my place over a small aperitif, here is a good idea !!!

I also have source codes from dreamcast libraries that I cannot share publicly, to consult at home.

Thanks to DRX for its database on its " Hidden Palace " site

Thanks to Darcagn for archiving my releases on "DCemulation"

dump dreamcast.jpg

This section lists the most interesting prototypes, those that deserve some attention. They have Debugs menus, dev options or are early builds. The differences with the retail version can be significant.

Some have their own pages, others a little explanation of their content.

These are releases that I had done mainly on the Assembler games forum before the creation of my website.

This page is devoted to prototypes close to the final versions, those having nothing in particular.

You will find them for direct download by clicking on them.

Maybe elements would have escaped me.

These are releases that I had done mainly on the Assembler games forum before the creation of my website.

V Rally 2 Dreamcast prototype Debug menu
MDK 2 Dreamcast prototype debug menu
Fur Fighters Dreamcast prototype
Jet Set Radio Dreamcast prototype

Since the creation of the website, new releases have been archived in this section.

Some have their own pages, others a direct download link.

Beta like Skies of Arcadia or Guilty Gear X are worth a look.

Skies of Arcadia dreamcast prototype dev option
Site internet Sega Marine Fishing.jpg

The uploads of Asset, Press Kit and Documents for the Dreamcast happen here.

The Metropolis Street Racer "Work in Progress" photo pack or the Dreamcast Premiere Disc release are there.

MSR dreamcast Work in Progress
Kit Presse Multimédia Dreamcast CD

The releases concerning Sega's after-sales service have been grouped here.


They are directly linked to my file on "Sega France after-sales service"

There are documents and disks intended for troubleshooting dreamcast consoles.

Dreamcast document, console schéma
Dreamcast checkers teste

The uploads of Asset, Press Kit and Documents for other Sega consoles happen here.

The Sega Us Merchandising 1995-1996 Leaflet is really interesting.

Sega Us Merchandising 1995-1996 Leafet (
Sega Gamescom Press Kit

Uploads of SDKs, technical demos or documents related to development on Dreamcast.

We find for example the technical demo of "Tower of Babel" as well as a Network tool called "Flash Edit"

The uploads of the Dreamcast development kits, some are brand new, others are redumps for additional control of their content.

On this page, some Dev Kit Katana are real treasures like that of No Cliché or Appaloosa.

Tower of Babel Dreamcast Tech Demo system information.jpg
Flash Edit Dreamcast tool.jpg
Dossier retrouvé dans le kit après récupération de données..png
Appaloosa Interactive logo.png

Sometimes I give some of my betas, my releases to other people to thank them for their preservation efforts, for example Forest of illusion .

You will find them on this page in order to highlight their work and keep track of it on this site linked to the Dreamcast.

Florigan Brothers Dreamcast GD-R main menu.png
NFL E3 prototype Dreamcast menu.jpg

Pictures of the dreamst prototypes in my possession