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Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast prototype, 6 different versions !!!

Do you remember the heyday of FPS at the end of 90, Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, what titles have marked and influenced video games?

Unlike the N64 and its legendary Goldenneye, the Dreamcast is not known to have hosted "First Person Shooters". She however tried with games like Kiss Psycho Circus or Unreeal Tournament, nothing transcendent. The controller, its grip may not be made for this type of games.

If we can remember a FPS from Sega's white lady, it's Quake 3 Arena. For once, she welcomed a major title of the ESPORT which was then in these stammerings.

Quake 3 Arena dreamcast (1).bmp

Quake III Arena Data Sheet:


Theoretical Availability: December 2000
Number of Players: 1 to 4 players
Category: Doom-like online
Developer: Raster
Publisher: ID
Compatible with: Mouse - Keyboard - Vibration Pack - VM -
Sell classification: Adult public over 16 years old

Quake 3 Arena dreamcast (3).jpg

The last episode of the most famous Doom-like was a new Deathmatch experience. For the first time on console you could face European opponents via the Internet in an impressive 3D universe. Your objective was to get out alive from the many levels, being wary of the traps set by your opponents and the surprises that could arise from the scenery. It's up to you to adopt the right combat strategy to be the best.
Quake III Arena heralded a mini revolution in the world of console gaming. Fun just Fun, and a little blood too ...

The strong points :

  • Playable online up to 4 players simultaneously and from 1 to 4 players in split screen.

  • A very neat graphic universe and a fluid animation.

  • Levels exclusively created for Dreamcast.

  • 25 characters available.

  • A real arsenal ranging from a simple pistol, to a laser and a flamethrower, not to mention the famous sulphate.

Quake 3 Arena dreamcast (5).JPG
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast E3 build.jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast E3 Alpha build.j

This release will be important, it will include 6 prototype versions of the games including a Build E3 in alpha. Have fun !!!


Be careful, some Builds have the same version and the same date, they are still different.

Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (6).jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (4).jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (2).jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (1).jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (5).jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast beta (3).jpg
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