My releases of canceled games from the Dreamcast

Over the years, I have been able to acquire Unreleased for the Dreamcast. If some had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to discover and participate in writing a new page in the history of Sega's latest console.

If you would like to learn more about games that have been canceled on Dreamcast, you can go to the "List of Canceled Dreamcast Games" page . All the discoveries are listed there (with download link) as well as the research on certain titles still to be found.

The game takes place in a village lost in the snow-capped mountains of Romania between the wars. An earthquake triggers the opening of Agartha, an underground gateway between Earth and an infernal dimension. Residents begin to vomit blue liquid before losing a human figure. When the dead emerge from their graves, Kirk, a white-bearded paranormal specialist, goes there to investigate.


Appaloosa dreamcast dev kit release, build of Ecco the dolphin 1 and 2 !!!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This Dev Kit contains 4 different versions of Ecco 1 and 2 different versions of Ecco 2. Some builds are not operational, to be made functional.

Homebrew, a "Shoo-t-up" that was canceled.

This is an early build. Apparently 2 builds of the game exist including 1 more successful. The second build cannot be shared (by the way, I don't have it), the email from the reviewers who received it appears on the screen.

Please note, the game is not optimized. It crashes on some maps. I personally have a feeling of invincibility at times.


This game was never planned for an upcoming release. It was briefly mentioned in a magazine.

A rumor circulated as to its conception but it had remained only a noise of hallway until I found out.

This Megadrive emulator was designed by the English studio which dealt with demo records, the dreamon.


The only known prototype of this game. Its promotional version "White Label" is rare.

The press having misjudged it, it was canceled. Test it and you will understand why!

Music during races is not yet implemented. The beta has 12 tracks while the white disc has 13.

Flinstone Viva Las Vega Dreamcast prototype

Half Life dreamcast was released on the internet in the early 2000s. A Gearbox employee must certainly be responsible for putting it online. The game image was then on CDI.

This new version of half-life is older than the one that already existed. We had the hope of discovering functionalities online. Upon reflection, these features should not exist in physical format since the online was intended as an add-on. However, the source codes must be somewhere ...

This is the first GDI created for this game.

Half Life dreamcast beta.jpg

Ring: The Ring of the Nibelungen is an adventure game exclusively based on Richard Wagner's opera, The Ring of the Nibelung, inspired by Germanic and Nordic mythologies. In this app, you follow the fate of the 4 original protagonists of the opera, in the order you want.

If we know the PC version released in 1998, it's a surprise to learn that a dreamcast port was planned. For unknown reasons, the dreamcast version never came out.


Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Dreamcast prototype

This is the European version which was canceled. This Pal prototype is close to a final version.

For the record, I bought it from an English friend thinking it was a US version. I was surprised by putting the game in my console when I saw French appear. As my friend played in English, he never paid attention.


No one remembered "Kyskrew". Yet it did exist, the project had been far before it was canceled.

The game was in development by Dragonhydre, a French team of around twenty members.

They were planning to make it free exclusively for the Dreamcast!

Release of its preparatory work!


4 x 4 Evolution Dreamcast Pal prototype

Release of Castlevania Resurrection for the Dreamcast !!!

You will find a complete file on its history, from its origin to its cancellation. You can read a test of this demo version.

The analysis part goes in detail on the specifics of the "Build".

You will be able to download your home made corver.

Folder on the reverse engineering of Castlevania dreamcast.

I will add as and when the various information that the moderators find. They enjoy digging deep into game files and understanding how it works.



Castlevania Resurrection 11357_sonia_mas
Castlevania Resurrection 11358_e05_bones

Folder on the reverse engineering of Agartha on Dreamcast

I will add as and when the various information that the moderators find. They enjoy digging deep into game files and understanding how it works.


boulangere_i Agartha Dreamcast