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My releases of canceled games from the Dreamcast

Over the years, I have been able to acquire Unreleased for the Dreamcast. If some had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to discover and participate in writing a new page in the history of Sega's latest console.

If you would like to learn more about games that have been canceled on Dreamcast, you can go to the "List of Canceled Dreamcast Games" page . All the discoveries are listed there (with download link) as well as the research on certain titles still to be found.

Alone in the Dark invented the concept of simulation, it created a framework where the player interacting with the environment would feel what the developer wanted.

Under the label of a new studio, No Cliché, Frédérik Raynal and his team wanted to renew the genre and go beyond the competition by offering an innovative concept "the choice".  

Agartha would have been the first Survival horror where the player could have chosen sides: Good or Evil.

Appaloosa dreamcast dev kit release, build of Ecco the dolphin 1 and 2 !!!

This Dev Kit contains 4 different versions of Ecco 1 and 2 different versions of Ecco 2. Some builds are not operational, to be made functional.

First release

New Build

Homebrew, a "Shoo-t-up" that was canceled.

This is an early build. Apparently 2 builds of the game exist including 1 more successful. The second build cannot be shared (by the way, I don't have it), the email from the reviewers who received it appears on the screen.

Please note that the game is not optimized. It crashes on some maps. I personally have a feeling of invincibility at times.