My releases of canceled games from the Dreamcast

Over the years, I have been able to acquire Unreleased for the Dreamcast. If some had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to discover and participate in writing a new page in the history of Sega's latest console.

If you would like to learn more about games that have been canceled on Dreamcast, you can go to the "List of Canceled Dreamcast Games" page . All the discoveries are listed there (with download link) as well as the research on certain titles still to be found.

Alone in the Dark invented the concept of simulation, it created a framework where the player interacting with the environment would feel what the developer wanted.

Under the label of a new studio, No Cliché, Frédérik Raynal and his team wanted to renew the genre and go beyond the competition by offering an innovative concept "the choice".  

Agartha would have been the first Survival horror where the player could have chosen sides: Good or Evil.

Appaloosa dreamcast dev kit release, build of Ecco the dolphin 1 and 2 !!!

This Dev Kit contains 4 different versions of Ecco 1 and 2 different versions of Ecco 2. Some builds are not operational, to be made functional.

First release

New Build

Homebrew, a "Shoo-t-up" that was canceled.

This is an early build. Apparently 2 builds of the game exist including 1 more successful. The second build cannot be shared (by the way, I don't have it), the email from the reviewers who received it appears on the screen.

Please note that the game is not optimized. It crashes on some maps. I personally have a feeling of invincibility at times.

This game was never planned for an upcoming release. It was briefly mentioned in a magazine.

There was a rumor going around about its design, but it was just a hallway noise until I found out.

This Megadrive emulator was designed by the English studio which dealt with demo records, the dreamon.

Flinstone Viva Las Vegas suffered so much  negative reviews from the specialized press that  the Swing editor! preferred canceled. The game was  finished since a White Label (white promotional disc) exists.

If creating a Mario Kart clone in the Flinstones universe started from a good intention, the result is far from being at the height of the Dreamcast.

Flinstone Viva Las Vega Dreamcast prototype

You play as Gordon Freeman , a scientist working for the US military. During an experiment, a space-time breach is then opened allowing a good number of extraterrestrials to enter the secret base.

The console port was to feature a new exclusive mission pack called Half-Life: Blue Shift . An addon would have provided the online multiplayer experience.

A few weeks  before its release date, Sierra announced that Half-Life : Dreamcast was canceled.

Half Life dreamcast beta.jpg

Ring: The Ring of the Nibelungen is an adventure game exclusively based on Richard Wagner's opera, The Ring of the Nibelung , inspired by Germanic and Nordic mythologies. In this app, you follow the fate of the 4 original protagonists of the opera, in the order you want.

If we knew the PC version released in 1998, it's a surprise to learn that a dreamcast port was planned.  For unknown reasons, the Dreamcast version never came out.

Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen Dreamcast prototype

A Pal version was planned but following the failure of the Dreamcast, it was canceled and yet, as this prototype seems to demonstrate, the European localization was over.

The title of Take Two offers 4 game modes, Quick Race, Versus, Time Trial and Career. Developers who favored arcade gameplay.

4 x 4 Evolution Dreamcast Pal prototype
4 x 4 Evolution Dreamcast prototype (Unreleased)

No one remembered " Kyskrew ". Yet it did exist, the project had been  far before its cancellation.

The game was in development by Dragonhydre a team  french  about twenty members.

They were planning to make it free exclusively for the Dreamcast!

Release of its preparatory work!

Release of Castlevania Resurrection for the Dreamcast !!!

You will find a complete file on its history, from its origin to its cancellation. You will be able  read a test of this demo version.

The analysis part goes in detail on the specifics of the "Build".

You will be able to download your home made corver.

Folder on the reverse engineering of Castlevania Dreamcast.

I will add as and when the various information that the moderators find. They enjoy digging deep into game files and understanding how it works.

Castlevania Resurrection 11357_sonia_mas
Castlevania Resurrection 11358_e05_bones

Folder on the reverse engineering of Agartha on Dreamcast

I will add as and when the various information that the moderators find. They enjoy digging deep into game files and understanding how it works.

boulangere_i Agartha Dreamcast

Release of a new prototype of Propeller Arena on Dreamcast, the famous air combat Unreleased from AM2 . He is finally in GD-I!


It was canceled following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The game was over, its release date was scheduled a few weeks after this tragic date.

Release of a new Geist Force Dreamcast prototype, an Unreleased being a StarFox clone. This is the first known GD-I for this game

Thanks to this new prototype, now comparing the 2 known, we can see the progress in the development of the title. Animations are missing for example.

You will also find the interview with the artistic director.

Release of the technical demo of Scud Race Dreamcast, a new SDK for the SET 2 dev kit and a Kamui Wrapper.

You can therefore launch this technical demo on your pc like the developers of the late nineties.

It's a shame Sega didn't bring this Arcade Hit to the Dreamcast. Many people were waiting for him.

Shenmue 2 US V0.991 (Sep 14, 2001 prototype): Release of the American version canceled

This prototype has two Debugs Menus. We realize that they allow a lot of things in the game.

Shenmue is much more than a game, it is one of those rare gems that help take players to a new stage in video games. For the first time, the player was drowned in a universe that seemed parallel to ours.

Reverse engineering an unreleased build of Mortal Kombat 4 on Dreamcast (it's not really a unreleased):


Please note, the prototype to download does not work.

Mortal Kombat is, like Street Fighter , one of the oldest fighting game series, both in arcade and console. Who does not know the reputation of this fighting game banned at least 16 years old?

For the Dreamcast version, Midway decided to convert his Mortal Kombat 4 into a reworked version. This new frame
  will be called Mortal Kombat Gold .


first GD-I

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

First release

New Build

New Build

New Build

Unreleased Japanese The Grinch Dreamcast prototype.jpg

The video game "The Grinch" was released in late 2000 in Europe and the United States. A Japanese release was planned and was on the schedule until July 2001. For obvious reasons,  it was cancelled. Maybe the Grinch was not so well known in Japan after all !

The date of one of the prototypes (there are 2), which should be considered as the last one before the cancellation of the software, indicates February 7, 2001, a few days after Sega's announcement to withdraw from the manufacturer's market.

First release

This article, linked to the one for Evil Twin,  retraces the history of the PC development for the game Jekyll and Hyde created by the French studio In Utero. A Dreamcast version was planned but it was finally cancelled. You can download several prototypes of the Unreleased Dreamcast version of Jekyll and Hyde!

Illustrations, level plans and assets have been provided by former members of the Parisian studio.

First release

My canceled game releases from other consoles

​Release of a prototype for the Unreleased Xbox "The Red Star" (Aug 12, 2004).

Originally The Red Star is a 2-book comic. The series was created and scripted by Christian Gossett. The drawing mixes traditional sketching and computer-generated imagery.

In 2003, Acclaim signed an agreement with Archangel studio,  the comic book publishing house, for the adaptation of comics into video games.

The Red Star  was unfortunately canceled on Xbox due to Acclaim's bankruptcy.

New Build

The Burnout project was born at the Criterion Software development studio and became a Playstation 2 game. It was originally called Shiny Red Car, a temporary name.

Acclaim took care of its release in November 2001 on PS2. Gamecube and Xbox versions followed in 2002.

For unknown reasons, Burnout 1 was never released in Japan. Sega was in charge of its publication under the name of GRAND HEAT.

First release