SEGA France and its after-sales service (SAV)

This article will be long. I will tell you about the history of SEGA France 's after- sales service , some analyzes on the perception of the brand and customer satisfaction and disclose some breakdown statistics. The last part will show you the (almost complete) procedure to follow to detect failures that could occur on a Dreamcast.

For those interested in reading the documents in my possession, I can make them available at my home.

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The history of after-sales service through the ages:

I tried to retrace the history of SEGA France after- sales service by reconstructing its chronology. Please note that errors have certainly occurred in my understanding and decoding of the documents in my possession. There are inevitably missing steps for some years.

On September 25, 1991, a contract between " SEGA France " and the company " ALTECT SARL " was signed for after-sales service.  The logo of " VIRGIN LOISIRS ", former distributor of Sega appears on the contract.


This company had to carry out the repair of the products  SEGA during the warranty period, which varied as follows:

- Console: 1 year from date of purchase.
- Peripherals: 3 months after the date of purchase.
- Software: 3 months after the date of purchase.

After receiving a product, Altec had to repair and ship the product in good condition within 4 days, in order to be sent to the reseller within 5 days of receipt. The company address was:

ALTEC Company
29 Avenue de Tunis
94100 Saint-Maur-Des-Fosses

Unfortunately, it was not able to manage this workload since delays of 21 days for the repair of the consoles were noted, that is to say the equivalent of 3000 consoles in default. To make up for the delay, SEGA had to carry out a one-month emergency mission by hiring temporary workers.

Their collaboration did not last long, as Altec could not meet the demands of SEGA France .

SEGA Virgin logo SAV.jpg
Rattrapage SAV Altec par SEGA.jpg

Evolution of the company (Altec):

1990 1991 1992
deposit of 100 m2 deposit of 250 m2 deposit of 500 m2
4 workers 12 workers 27 workers
1 PC 2 PC 6 PC
80 interventions days 400 inverventions days

Implantation SEGA France SAV.jpg

As the situation deteriorated, 5 other companies then worked as subcontractors for SEGA France. Here they are :

1) Dated April 15, 1992 "SAVEMI"



42 Brouardel Street

31000 Toulouse

She was also in charge of after-sales service for " CANON " and "T EXAS-INSTRUMENTS "

2) Dated April 15, 1992 "SIDEM"

Rei récépissé résiliation contrat SEGA F

130-134 rue Saint Léonard
49000 Angers

3) Dated April 17, 1992 "REIS"

7 rue des Aulnes
69542 Champagne au Mont d'Or Cedex

4) As of September 10, 1992  "I2M"

ZA 46 rue de Rethuy
62138 Violaines

IM2 récépissé résiliation contrat SEGA F
Cahier des charges SERLI SEGA SAV.jpg

This company provided " AMSTRAD " maintenance at the time.