The music of Kyskrew Dreamcast

A brief summary of the game:

The complete file and the release of his preparatory work can be read here " Kyskrew, the forgotten cancellation of the Dreamcast "

Kyskrew was an RPG intended for the Dreamcst. Its release date was slated for fall to winter 2001. The game was initially a fan-made project before taking on much larger proportions. He gradually fell into oblivion.

It was in development by Dragonhydre, later renamed Crystal Dream , a small independent French team made up of around twenty members at the height of the project. They met on different forums and decided to set up a development team. They were planning to make their product free exclusively for the Dreamcast.

At the dawn of time the struggle of good against evil was being prepared. "Eloïnia" , the Goddess of Creation and Love was opposed to the Gods of Hate "Gainer" . Coming out of a fierce fight, the Goddess triumphed and imprisoned Gainer's spirit. Unfortunately, a fragment of the contaminated soul of the God of Hate escaped from his prison and reincarnated as a human being to take revenge and destroy the world. The plot was laid !!!

We were to lead a young rebel by the name of "Kyle" enraged at being forced by his father to enroll in the military school of " Tyrel . There he will learn to wield the sword with dexterity to fulfill his destiny and save the planet "Farnel ".

The Dreamcast coming to the end of its life, Dragonhydre decided to move the game to Playstation 2. They even considered a Gameboy Advance version. The white lady's version was pretty good. However, they restarted the project from scratch. Following internal conflicts between the members, the team broke up. Kyskrew was abandoned and got lost in the twists and turns of the internet to find only a few traces.

As Christophe, alias Shinji, one of the protagonists of the music, points out, there was no problem there. They were even ahead. We can also thank him for providing us with backups of his archives. You can follow him on his Youtube channel " Papa Shinji ". Remember to encourage him.

Musical compositions on Youtube:

Certain musical themes are captivating. There are really wonderful songs. Listen to "IMAGIN-1" you understand.

To listen to the playlist on Youtube, click on the link below:

Unreleased Sega Dreamcast game Kyskrew playlist

The compilation of all the music of Kyskrew

Capture Kyskrew dreamcast
BATADM1Kyskrew dreamcast
Auberge entree Kyskrew dreamcast
KARYL Kyskrew dreamcast