Nintendo codification of packaging elements

More than any other manufacturer, Nintendo uses codifications to identify its machines and games but also their geographical locations.

We will not come back to these latter, which are numerous and which have already been mentioned on many occasions.

Today, at a time when counterfeit game boxes abound, here is a modest breviary of the codes present on the packaging elements (Sagex and Polybag) of Nintendo machines.

La codification Nintendo des élements d
  • NES (pal): Sagex coded NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) + variations according to the packs and the position of the sagex / Polybag without code

  • - Game Cube (pal): Cardboard wedge and polybag coded DOL (Dolphin, named after the prototype)

  • - Super NES (US): Sagex coded SNN (I couldn't find the meaning of this abbreviation but I think it is Super Nintendo NTSC) / Polybag coded SNN:

  • Famicom: Sagex codified HVC (Home Video Computer) / Polybag without code

  • Super Nintendo (pal): SNS codified Sagex (Super Nintendo System) + variations according to the packs / SNSP coded Polybag (P for Pal) + reissue number if necessary (SNSP-1 for example):

  • Nintendo 64 (pal and jap): Sagex coded NUS (Nintendo Ultra Sixty four, from the name of the prototype) + variations according to the pack / Polybag coded NUS + re-edition number if necessary

  • Super Famicom (jap): Sagex codified SHVC (Super Home Video Computer) / Neutral Polybag:

La codification Nintendo des élements d

Thanks to Didy Davy ( her facebook ) for deciphering the codification of the Nintendo packaging elements.