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The developers, the Swedish company Azme , had taken on the daunting task of creating a tactical-action-espionage game featuring a bounty hunter. The game will only be released in Europe for the Dreamcast . There are rumored US prototypes like the recently discovered canceled US versions of Shenmue 2 . The publisher Acclaim will publish the game for the PS2 on the American continent while Sega will take care of the European market. Because yes, it's the Playstation 2 version that I'm going to tell you about!

Dreamcast owners could be delighted to have their own little Metal Gear. Betrayal, he passed to the West.

The story takes place in the near future. The government will control everything, through a strict regime of laws and absolute control over the media, in order to manipulate the information intended for the citizens. It is in this heavenly atmosphere that we will play Jack Ware, a professional bounty hunter. Jack has forgotten all about his former life as a policeman and his early career in the ACN, the government agency that fights criminals who threaten supremacy. From the start of the game, Jack is hired by a certain Angela Sern to track down and neutralize the murderer of her father, who is none other than the president of the ACN.

This kind of Shenmue, Headhunter can be considered as an open world, promised a gigantic theater of operations and many cutscenes. Here the goal is not to shoot at everything that moves, on some occasions, it will be better to sneak up on your opponents rather than coldly shoot them down. The sets are interactive, it's not a good idea to stay near gas pumps when you're being shot at.

Headhunter brilliantly mixes police investigation (with riddles and search for clues) and fight scene (with big guns and full of blood). The icing on the cake is the possibility of visiting the entire city by motorbike. It is even possible to take part in urban rodés (illegal races) and pocket the bets.

Headhunter Bike

The soundtrack accompanying the game was done by Richard Jacques who had previously worked on Metropolis Street Racer.

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Headhunter Jack Ware
Headhunter Sega

Who will find the canceled American version of Headhunter Dreamcast if it exists?

The PS2 Prototype (Nov 18, 2001)

Main Debug Menu

Headhunter ps2 prototype debug menu.jpg

Scene Menu

Headhunter Playstation 2 prototype Select level.jpg

Scene menu : Allows access to the level or scene of your choice among 107 possible entries.

Load/Save Menu

Load Save Menu Headhunter sony ps2 prototype.jpg

Load/Save Menu : Provides access to options for saving and loading a game (in game).

Vertex Buffer Menu

Headhunter Debug Menu Vertex Buffer Menu.jpg

Vertex Buffer Menu : Nothing happens on screen, its purpose is currently unknown.

Enemy Menu

Headhunter Sega Debug Menu Enemy menu.jpg

Enemy Menu : Open system information related to enemies. I don't know if the options work.

Stream Volume Menu

Stream Volume Menu Sony Ps2 prototype Headhunter.jpg

Stream Volume Menu : Change the sound status.

This prototype looks like the final version, the differences are few or non-existent. The particularity of this beta is its active Debug Menu. If it was already known, it is now no longer necessary to modify the game, the hacker, in order to have access to it. To open it, press the "Square" button and hold it then press "Start".

The Debug Menu is very comprehensive. It allows to modify the game according to the preferences of the players (Cheats) or to open development options used by the team of Azme. This menu will allow you to explore Headhunter from a new angle. It comprises  16 sub-menus of which here is a brief overview:

Item Menu

Playstation 2 prototype Headhunter Item selec (Debug menu).jpg

Item Menu : Allows you to add items (weapons etc.) that exist in the game to your inventory.

Misc Options Menu

Ps2 Headhunter debug menu misc option.jpg

Mis Options Menu : We could consider this menu as a Cheat Menu. By disabling "Collision", the character will be able to pass through walls. It is here that it will be possible to activate invincibility.

Movie Menu

Movie Menu Headhunter debug menu ps2 prototype.jpg

Movie Menu : Allows you to view cutscenes, scenes from 52 different entries.

Collision Menu

Sony prototype Headhunter Collision Debug menu.jpg

Collision Menu : Specific menu to adjust various parameters concerning collisions.

File/DB/OBJ Menu

Headhunter prototype playstation 2 Debug menu.jpg

File/DB/OBJ Menu : Allows you to add the objectives to be completed readable in the pause menu?

Debug Info Menu

Sony playstation 2 Headhunter prototype Debug Info.jpg

Debug Info Menu : Nothing happens on the screen, its purpose is currently unknown.

Sound Menu

Sound Menu Headhunter debug menu prototype ps2.jpg

Sound Menu : Modifies certain sound effects (fire, bullet impact) by modifying the values ?

Trigger Menu

Headhunter ps2 beta trigger menu.jpg

Trigger Menu : Displays map-specific markers.

VM Menu

VM Menu Headhunter ps2 beta.jpg

"Sound Database Menu" and "RT Cutscene Menu" are nothing special

VM Menu : Memory card option.

Headhunter Review PS2 prototype_edited.j

You can download Headhunter's Playstation 2 prototype below

HEADHUNTER (Nov 18, 2001 prototype)

If you prefer to play Headhunter on Dreamcast with Debug Menu, visit JC 's blog here: Catching up part 3: Out of bounds Jack

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