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  1. Half Life dreamcast the story of its development

  2. Half Life dreamcast the discovery of the prototype and its release

  3. Half Life dreamcast testimony of a journalist of the time

  4. Half Life dreamcast white label release

  5. Half Life dreamcast official strategy guide release

  6. Half Life dreamcast Pal corver

Half Life Logo

Half life the story of its development:

Half-Life for Dreamcast is a console port developed by Gearbox Software and Captivation Digital Laboratories with assistance from Sierra Entertainment and Valve Software. It was canceled a few weeks before its release.

Half-Life was announced by Sierra on February 14, 2000 at the Milia Show in Cannes, France. It was said that Captivation will handle the Dreamcast technology while Gearbox will create all the new content. The port was to feature a new exclusive mission pack called Half-Life: Blue Shift. An addon would have provided the online multiplayer experience.

Throughout development, its release was delayed several times, first scheduled for summer 2000, then postponed to September and finally to November. It was at this time that some magazines received prototype versions. They criticized the low frame rate, long load times between levels, and the lack of online play. The game was delayed yet again for the following year. A few weeks before its expected release date in June 2001, Sierra finally announced that Half-Life: Dreamcast was canceled due to "changing market conditions."

Half life dreamcast art.jpg
Half Life DC photo
Half Life Dreamcast photo
Half Life Dreamcast Screenshot

Half life the discovery of the prototype and its release:

​Half Life dreamcast was released on the internet in the early 2000s. A Gearbox employee must certainly be responsible for putting it online. The game image was then on CDI .

During 2018, an American was able to find a physical version of this canceled game in a garage sale. He posted his discovery on Facebook. His find toured the web. The dreamcast community was in turmoil, a new Half-Life prototype coming out of the dark!

In this kind of situation, you have to be quick. You have to make a nice, correct offer to prevent him from going into a private collection where he may no longer see the sunlight.

I try to approach its owner. I offered him a certain amount which he refused. I then suggest that he send him my disc system 2 so that he can dump the game to put it online. As he is a professional seller, he didn't want anything to do with releasing a canceled game knowing it was illegal. To my surprise, he offered to send it to me so that I could take care of making it available to everyone. I had the support of the whole facebook group.


My Half Life dreamcast collection

Haf Life SEGA Dreamcast unreleased collection (prototype, white label)

My prototype

Half Life Dreamcast prototype

After uploading, I wanted to send the beta back to its owner. This one said to me "It is a gift, by sending it to you, I did not think to recover it, it makes me happy that it is in good hands". I was, excuse the expression, on the ass. A professional Ebay seller who offers me a canceled game that he could have resold for a small fortune !!

This new version of half-life is older than the one that already existed. We had the hope of discovering functionalities online. Upon reflection, these features should not exist in physical format since the online was intended as an add-on. However, the source codes must be somewhere.

A friend also has a prototype of the game, the version is between mine and that of the 2000s. These are the only two GD-Rs of Half Life known.

The big question, is why was it canceled? The game had passed Gold, its cancellation was announced a few weeks before its release. The original covers were found.

My assumptions:

  • Sony would have made a big check to have exclusivity on playsation 2.

  • Game optimization problem, loading times are very long.

You can download it below:

Half-Life (Apr 20, 2001 prototype)

Half-Life (Apr 20, 2001 prototype) Redump whit BBA

Testimony of a journalist of the time


The magazine worked on a "beat" system, so each journalist was responsible for maintaining a relationship with a publisher. Sierra was one of mine. When we started working on the HL DC cover, it happened to me. I was also the lead reviewer for the PC, so a PC-to-console game was generally something I was going to follow.

We had HL DC on the cover of one of our issues, based on a preview version of the game. Part of the negotiation to give it attention up front was to have the first exclusive review. It was quite common for a publisher and a press office to organize an exclusivity window around a big game. I remember the mag wanted to cover XXXX, only to find that another magazine had already gotten the exclusivity. You gain a little, you lose a little. We had all had a mutual locking turn out of cover!

The version given to me for review was about 95% complete with some missing textures, minor bugs, very playable and representative of the final experience. I was in touch with Sierra about any issues I found. I had asked if they were going to be fixed, the editor was saying yes anyway. :)


But this time, my contact at Sierra had been very honest and let me know that things were not going to be fixed. We accepted this list of caveats knowing that our contact was working with a release date that wasn't final, but looked likely, as the publisher wanted to keep their promise.

We usually worked six to eight weeks before the magazine cover date / public release date of the game. We often worked from a GOLD version or release candidates close to a final version. I had played at least 75% of the game . I had done this on PC before, so I was quite familiar with the title. As mentioned, I only found a few small issues. I remember that the most obvious textures were missing or faulty. With the caveats, we were ready to print the article, ignore and forgive a few bugs that we were told would be fixed before publication.


After sending the pages in for printing and not being able to stop the process, we heard that the game was not going to ship. Situations like this have happened a few times. We had published a strategy guide for XXXX when we discovered that we had wasted several valuable pages on a game that X had decided not to release after we went to press.

New localized prototype

Half Life dreamcast prototype , early build

Corver accompanying the prototype above

Half life original corver pré release.jp

A rival publication had accused us of having made a review with a preview version of the game, they had not received anything since the preview. I had been offended by the suggestion that we were fooling our readers out of wanting to be first. I had contacted the person from the other publication and informed them of our exclusivity agreement. I told them:


"My almost final GD-R release date is 03/13/01, what is the date of your most recent release?"


They never responded realizing they were wrong.

It was common to return or destroy builds, depending on the publisher's instructions / preferences.

Half life White Label (download it here) :


Promotion of the title had started, the game was at over 90% of its development. The announcement of the end of production on the Dreamcast will get the better of him. The WL contains only one video of the game.

 Half Life   White Label dreamcast
Half Life back of corver dreamcast proto

Back of the dust jacket accompanying the prototype above

To discover the list of existing white labels, go to "The White Label Dreamcast" . You will find scans, research on them as well as a listing of the most complete.

Half life Official Strategy Guide (download it here) or (here on archive.org)


An official walkthrough guide was published. We can thank "Rollon de Tressaille" for providing the scans. Good reading !!!

Half life PAl corver (to find here) :

Thanks to Martino Brunet for his work on the cover of Half Life Dreamcast. Follow the instructions on his site.


Please feel free to check out " other canceled games " that I have found. For the more curious among you, I have created a " list of all unreleased from the dreamcast ".