Fur Fighters Dreamcast

All is good and peaceful in the land of the Fur Fighter until the evil General Viggo escapes and kidnaps their baby animals. Your mission is to lead the Fur Fighters on a rescue mission to save their families and their planet from evil.

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The Fur Fighters are a fluffy bunch of heroes united to fight the forces of the evil General Viggo. Years ago, they fought Viggo and managed to put him behind bars. Today, he escaped. Part of his evil plan is to kidnap their families. They aren't the type to back down from a fight. They are ready, once again, to let Viggo know!

Fur Fighters gives the players a chance at a colorful adventure, in the company of adorable, furry creatures. The humor characterizing this game is second-degree. Contrary to their appearance, with bright colors, Fur Fighters is not a game for children.

Bizarre Creations released a rather surprising game, with the risk of being more surprising than would be deemed acceptable. This title is a Doom-like, mixed with platforming.

Some characters:

Each of these critters has the same moves as the other, but with the added bonus of a special ability that is unique to each. Our team of vicious animals is as diverse as possible since it is no less than a dog, cat, panda, kangaroo, penguin and even a baby dragon that you can play over the levels of the game. 6 bearing adorable names like Roofus, Juliette, Bungalow, Tweek, Rico and Chang. Do not be deceived by appearances.


Fur Figthers Concept Art team

Species - Dog

Age - 9 years

Place of birth - Glasgow, Scotland

History - Roofus is the leader of the Fur Fighters. His experience, reliability and rock-hard demeanor make him well suited for the task. Raised in a war-torn country, Roofus joined the military to fight for what he believes is right. After serving his country well, he formed the Fur Fighters, a heterogeneous group of specialized fighters who do not serve any country, but help everyone. Now the villainous Viggo is holding his wife Winnie and children hostage. Never one to run away from a fight, Roofus will do anything to save them!

Special Skill - Dig

Roofus will make good use of his foxhole digging experience in the battles to come. Whenever the dog encounters a mound of dirt, it may burrow into another mound connected elsewhere. To dig, stand on the hole and press the jump button. Some holes act as shortcuts or lead to secret areas; most must be walked through in order to save any lost baby animals.

ROOFUS Fur Figthers Dreamcast
Roofus Fur Figthers Concept Art DC

General Info - Roofus isn't the slowest fur hunter, but he's definitely not the fastest either. When fighting as Roofus, it is best to stand back and use precise and powerful weapons to deal with enemies.

Roofus Babies - Roofus puppies are easily identified by their yellow overalls and floppy ears.

Roofus Fur Figthers Concept Art dreamcast
JULIETT Fur Figthers Dreamcast
Juliette Fur Figthers Concept Art DC
JULIETTE Fur Figthers Concept Art Dreamcast


Species - Cat

Age - 4 years

Place of birth - Paris, France

Story - Raised in the luxury of beautiful Paris, Juliette may seem posh and sophisticated at first glance, but she is as tough and skillful as all the other Fur Fighters! It will quickly be proven in combat. She may appear mildly hostile towards her comrades, especially Roofus, but Juliet will nonetheless fight bravely alongside them in the battles to come. With razor-sharp claws and a deadly temper, she fights to save her husband Claude and her many kittens.

Special Skill - Climbing

Juliet's claws are useful for more than just shredding bears. She can use them to climb any surface marked with claws. There are also a few unmarked walls that she can climb to gain access to secret areas. Jump on any scalable wall and Juliette will grab onto it.

General Info - Juliette has feline agility and reflexes, so she's a bit faster than some of her mates. Plus, her athletic physique makes her a slimmer target. Juliette's speed allows her to get close to Bears in order to get the most out of weapons like the shotgun.

Juliette Babies - Juliette's kittens are as cute as their mother, with big pink eyes and green sweaters.


Species - Jumping penguin

Age - 5 years

Place of birth - Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

History - Before joining the Fur Fighters, Rico lived among thousands of other penguins in Argentina. However, he always knew he was meant for something bigger. Eventually, he joined the Fur Fighters to make his dreams come true. Although slow and at times lazy, his underwater abilities make him a unique and necessary member of the team. If he can concentrate long enough, he intends to save his chicks and his wife, Juanita.