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Flinstone Viva Las Vega beta dreamcast

Yaba Daba Dou !!!

Unfortunately, you won't hear me shout it from all over the place.  If creating a Mario Kart clone in the Flinstones universe started from a good intention, the result is far from being at the height of the Dreamcast.

I don't often say that a game is bad. I always try to find qualities in him. In the case of Flinstone Viva Las Vegas, nothing is going well!

The fun of the game is marred by catastrophic physics, poorly tuned AI, Playstation 1 graphics and empty circuitry. To be nice to him, the cartoon style of the cartoon is well respected, at least a positive point!


Driving the various vehicles of the gang at Fred Flintstones could have been a unique experience, unfortunately not the fun.

Flinstone Viva Las Vegas suffered so much  negative reviews from the specialized press that  the Swing editor! preferred canceled. The game was  finished since a White Label (white promotional disc) exists.

SEGA's latest console is often cited for excellence  of its game catalog. We can thank the journalists for having badly noted it, Flinstone would have made spot among the 700 different titles which it offers.


Despite everything, I advise you to try it to get an idea.

The specificities of the prototype:

  • No other prototype of this game is located.

  • This build is older than the White Label version.

  • Music during the races is not yet implemented.

  • This GD-R contains 12 tracks instead of the 13 of the WL

Flinstone Dreamcast White Label video

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