Evil Twin's memoirs: Cyprien's Chronicles, the nightmare is within the reach of In Utero's dreams!

Platform games have not been numerous on Dreamcast. Apart from Sonic Adventure, Rayman 2 and Donald Duck Couack Attack, it has even there were no other games for fans of the genre on Sega’s last console. The French studio In Utero wanted to correct the situation and therefore proposed with Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles an atypical title with an atmosphere at the crossroads between a traditional platform game and a survival-horror.

With Evil Twin, we enter a new dimension, the one of the scary fantasy without tipping over into gore. From the Little Nemo comics to the crazy universe of Tim Burton, the sources of inspiration are diverse and all have one thing in common: a pronounced taste for creepy and black humor. Apparently, the founders of In Utero were fervent admirers of Nirvana because the name of the studio comes from the title of one of the albums of the famous grunge band.

The history of In Utero and the beginnings of Evil Twin

Backup of Evil Twin, the CDR did not survive the test of time

Evil Twin archive backup

I want the same !!!

In Utero is above all a group of friends united by their work and passion for video games. The adventure began in 1994 in Paris. The young company's ambition was to make a place for itself in animation and computer graphics. At the beginning, it was a communication company oriented towards editing and logotyping, with a few impulses towards CGI; the members thought that the most efficient way to get into 3D at a professional level was to start by making cinematic scenes.

«For my part, I have a degree in Design with a focus on product design. I used to draw quite a bit and that was my entry point. I remember showing up at In Utero with my book under my arm, which contained sketches and roughs of vacuum cleaners, tape dispensers and other common products! »

In Utero T-shirt

Photo of the third location of In Utero located in Répuplique in Paris (other photos below).

Photo of the studio In Utero
French studio In Utero

Maybe a memory of the development of Evil Twin ?