The official megadrive transmitter for dreamcast

This game was never planned for an upcoming release. It was briefly mentioned in a magazine.

A rumor circulated as to its conception but it had remained only a noise of hallway until I found out.


megadrive emulation information.JPG
Emulateur Megadrive Officiel pour Dreamcast

The European version of the Megadrive emulator has never been officially released. There was never a solid plan to release it.

This Megadrive emulator was designed by the English studio which dealt with demo records, the dreamon.

The emulator menus were programmed (primarily as a learning exercise) by David Harvey, a programmer who worked in the Developer Help Desk. Once the menus were set up and it started to look like something, people thought about making a game out of it. It came too late in Dreamcast's life.

The emulator itself originates from Japan. It was not working properly to support, at full speed, the best Megadrive games.

Engineers at Sega of America tried to fix the issues to get the Sonic games to work flawlessly. The code then reached Europe.

David Harvey designed the menus for the Megadrive emulator. Elton Bird tried to further optimize his performance.

As Sega announced that Dreamcast production was halted and many staff members were leaving, the MD emulator was placed on a special disc. Tout  was related to the Dream On Demo Disk system.

Emulateur Megadrive Officiel pour Dreamcast prototype
Megadrive sample.jpg

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