Appaloosa dev kit Ecco 1 + Ecco 2 dreamcast

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future:

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future is an action-adventure video game released in 2000 on Dreamcast and in 2002 on PlayStation 2. It is the first game in the Ecco the Dolphin series to be made in 3D.

The Hungarian studio Appaloosa Interactive , which to everyone's surprise was also working on a canceled game "The Smurfs" for Dreamcast and Playstation 2, provided us with a high-quality Ecco.

"Aside from AM2, Appaloosa has really optimized its games for the Dreamcast"

The Eccos series, created by Ed Annunziata , are games that will not appeal to everyone. Graphically, they are breathtaking. The sandbox side can be off-putting.

The 3D universe offers new possibilities of movement. Sonar, load and acceleration are still present with new combinations:


Ecco can perform a “roll roll” to attack or dodge, he can brake hard, swim backwards, or stand upright out of the water in order to observe his surroundings. Ecco also has temporary physical powers via obtaining crystals

The story unfolds in 4 chapters, the future of the planet changing each time according to the assets found:

  • the Island of Tranquility: the starting chapter, a world of peace and balance until the arrival of the Enemy,

  • The Nightmare of Men: deprived of all their features, the dolphins have been enslaved by humanity which has exploited and polluted the Earth until causing its own extinction, the dolphins continue to serve a master disappeared in a devastated world,

  • The Nightmare of the Dolphins: intelligence and ambition rediscovered, the dolphins hunt men and reign as cruel masters in the seas, functioning in clans, they do not hesitate to enslave the weakest among them,

  • the Domain of the Enemy: the final chapter, the Enemy retained the trait of humility, the alliance was formed but was totally oblivious of the danger and was defeated, Ecco must enter the mothership and destroy the heart of the Enemy.

Ecco The Dolphin prototype dreamcast

Take a little tour on this early prototype of Ecco 1 dreamcast , it's worth its weight in peanuts.

Ex-developer of Appaloosa, Mihaly gives us little by little some secrets of the studio such as this technical demo featuring a mermaid:

"The animation is so fluid and the amount of fish even more impressive!"

Appaloosa dreamcast dev kit release. Build of ecco the dolphin 1 and 2

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Thanks to sizious ( his twitter ) for checking the dev kit content.

Thanks to Drac ( his twitter ) for his help in making the hard drive image.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

hard drive image without retouching:
Download here

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Hard disk image after using the Rstudio program:
Download here

Different version of Ecco 1:


  • Download here (does not work, the game starts but remains blocked, to be fixed)

  • Download here (does not work, the game starts but remains blocked, to be fixed)

  • Download here (does not work, the game starts but remains blocked, to be fixed)

  • Download here   (does not work, the game starts but remains blocked, to be fixed)

Download the full pack from here

Ecco The Dolphin Dreamcast

Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe:

In 2016, thanks to the preservation work of Hidden Palace , the whole world discovered that Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe was in the works for Dreamcast.

The title is of course unfinished and has no sound effects or music. It was canceled 1 month after Sega announced to stop supporting the console, a tragic announcement that occurred in 2001.

Ecco 2 was at about 30% of its development.

Different version of Ecco 2;


This build has the same version and same date as the ecco 2 found in 2016. However, when searching the files, we can see some differences. The game is launched only on an emulator (to be fixed), map 1 does not work, the load remains blocked.


This build has the same version and same date as the ecco 2 found in 2016 as well as my ecco 2 above. The differences are notable as new levels. Unfortunately, it crashes on the loading of one of the unpublished maps (predefined loading). To see to load the games on the title screen or on another map. Build to fix if possible.

EDIT: The loadings would have to be hacked, to be removed in order to be able to play the games.

Research on my builds of Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe:

Ecco 2 Atlantis dreamcast

Atlantis to check the differences with Ecco 1. No model change, just lighting (upgraded around 600 lights)

Ecco 2 Dreamcast Map comparaison.jpg

Vulcano. Animated water caustics on the wall .. it's my "patent"

Ecco 2 Dreamcast Vulcano, eau animée

Vulcano, new level not available on the internet

Ecco 2 Dreamcast Vulcano map inédit
Ecco 2 rajmadar texture.jpg

"As I was digging through the files of Ecco: Sentinels of the Universe. The dangers of the coral reef exist, but it's impossible to access because the second version is inaccessible in-game. But with PVR Texture Viewer, we have found a strange bird in the level as well as building textures labeled Atlantis in the names. Here is the bird and his name is Rajmadar. "

I investigated these two constructions at the request of Laurent C

There are three differences between version 1 and version 2:

  • 180_ATLANTIS.GDE (Atlantis level) is different - but neither version loads (both crash)

  • 120_CREEF_NORTH.GDE is different - but neither is in the main menu

  • CONFIG.TXT - this file determines how the build runs

Build 1 has a CONFIG.TXT to load the menu screen, Build 2 has a CONFIG.TXT to load Atlantis directly (which crashes)

I can change Build 2 CONFIG.TXT to load in the menu instead of the Atlantis level, but that doesn't help because the only different map (CREEF_NORTH) is not listed in the menu anyway.

I have configured CONFIG.TXT to load 120_CREEF_NORTH directly. Unfortunately, it also crashes. Both versions of the file

I don't think there is anything left to do with this game unless someone can hack the levels without loading and get them to work, but that is outside my area of expertise.

Hidden Palace has two different downloads for Ecco II (one GDI and one devkit dump) - I tried looking at the devkit dump to see if I could get the Frankenstein files from this version and the dump from Laurent. It includes another level (IceEdge), but none of the files in this devkit load except Galleon - it's different from Laurent's GDs, but it's just Ecco stuck at the bottom of a well or something. dead end thing ??

Ecco 2 Dreamcast in game.png

It sounds like a dead end to me ... but that's about it. If you want to play with this dead end level, here is a GDI of this level:

Please feel free to check out " other canceled games " that I have found. For the more curious among you, I have created a " list of all unreleased from the dreamcast ".