Dreamcast Premiere Press Kit

The first disc is the most prized object of European Dreamcast collectors. Some consider it the 217th game of Fullset Pal.


Its format identical to a game is the reason. We could debate for hours whether to include it in the list of DC games released in Europe, each his opinion.

The Great Sega Premiere at ECTS 2000.

The "European Computer Trade Show" (ECTS) was a video game fair reserved for industry professionals and journalists taking place in London each year from 1989 to 2004.


Some years, it competed with E3 before disappearing to the detriment of the "Game Convention" in Leipzig then the "Gamescom" in Cologne.

In 2000, the show took place at the Olympia in London. SEGA was there. To stand out, the Japanese company organized its own event for one night.

The evening took place on 3 September 2000 at 6:45 p.m. at London's Empire Theater in Leicester Square. And it was gone for the show and it was gone Sega was hot !!!

There were representatives from Sega of Europe, a few people from Japan including the Famitsu editor-in-chief and some top Sega executives around the world mixed in with regular gamers for an anthology night to party.

A one hour video presented the upcoming titles and the future online mode. There was an incredible trailer of Shenmue. Other games like Samba De Amigo, Power Stone 2, Tokyo Highway Challenge 2, Black & White, were also presented without forgetting F355 Challenge, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Xtreme Sports, sega GT, Alone in the Dark, Half Life, Speed ​​Devils Online, Headhunter, Quake III.

The iconic figures of the firm strolled among the crowd. We could see Sonic, the boxers from Ready Rumble, the living dead from House of the dead or still a sexy Ulala welcoming the players at the front door.

Anyone could try their hand at Sega GT, Shenmue and Virtua Tennis in the theater lobby. Really cool stuff like Quake 3 Arena, Toy Racer and Dream Dorobo (Planet Ring) were in the VIP area as was the booze and the press kit with a playable demo of MSR.

Ignoring the absolutely incredible press record, SEGA shone with its aura that evening !!!

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Dreamcast Première Invitation
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Testimonial from a participant

To keep the emotion aroused by this testimony, it has not been translated.


"I was at the event. A story of pure luck and a misunderstanding.


I was at the sega booth at ects and was on the final boss of space channel 5 (I had an import of it) the rep was impressed, not thinking I had played it. He asked me not to complete it and said I should come to an event at a cinema at Leicester Square, i said will there be queues and he said to mention he had invited me if there was any issue.


I got there and the the queue was massive, so saw a host near a door to the side and mentioned the rep had invited me. Well it turns out that was the vip entrance and my friend and I ended up in the exclusive part of the event.


We got the press kit, there we dreamcast premiere disks everywhere and swirl branded pop corn.


We played a load of betas of the last games to be released. I was picked to play planet ring as the dreamcasts first UK online player (I was awful at it) I hope there's no footage of it out there.


We then went to the balcony to watch the showcase of all the games due to be released. I was hyped for Black & White and half life.


Afterwards we got talking to some of the sega guys and they invited us to the arcade next door (or above, I think it was sega world at the time) and played arcades until it was time to get our train.


One of my most favorite gamer days ever. I wish I'd filled my bag with the disks "

Online Press Kit and specificity

Now that we know its history and provenance, what's in it in particular?

  • We can navigate in many files of games that were to come out and discover their photos, their artworks and their non-definitive covers.

  • Agartha's "AW" and "Screens" folders contain photos from another game.

You can download it below:

Sega Dreamcast Premiere Press Kit

Sega Dreamcast Premiere Press Kit with archive.org

Many thanks to Romain de Tressaille for the dump and the scans.

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