Dalforce XOP dreamcast

This is an early build. Apparently 2 builds of the games exist including 1 more successful. The second build cannot be shared (by the way, I don't have it), the email from the reviewers who received it appears on the screen.

Please note that the game is not optimized. It crashes on some maps. I personally have a feeling of invincibility at times.

  • In story mode, the game crashes in the middle of stage 4.

  • In "Score Attack" mode you can try your hand at all the maps. However, only maps 1-2-3-4 and 6 are 100% playable. You will have crashes during the other levels.

You can download it below:

Dalforce XOP

Dalforce XOP with archive.org

Thanks to Darcagn for fixing it.

Unreleased Dalforce X.O.P sega dreamcast prototype