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SEGA went to great lengths in 1993 on promotion.


The Donington Grand Prix was in the colors of SEGA where Senna won his most prestigious race and brandished a historic "SONIC" trophy !!!


About 30 unseen period photos of the launch of Sonic 3 Megadrive in France.

Dev kit, prototypes, GD-R, betas SEGA Dreamcast what were they used for? Why were they engraved? What was their role in the industry?

The 4 d'Or a forgotten ceremony? The American Interactive Achievement Awards? The video game Caesars?

Trophy photo of Gen 4, Joypad and the US body.

When video game magazines gave awards.

The old days !!!

What are these white SEGA Dreamcast discs called White Label? What were they used for? How many were there?

An early response with their listings, codes and scans ...

An inventory with photos and dump of those different from the commercial version.

You will find information on storage and transport, logistics from SEGA mainly for the Dreamcast.

How were the deposits managed? What volume did these have? How did they plan the transport of the terminals?

Some questions I tried to answer.

The history of SEGA France's after-sales service through the ages of the Megadrive through the Game Gear, the 32X, the Saturn to finish with the Dreamcast

The official dreamcast failure detection process may allow you to fix yours!

Sales figures, statistics ect

More than any other manufacturer, Nintendo uses codifications to identify its machines and games but also their geographical locations.

here is a modest breviary of the codes present on elements of the packaging (Sagex and Polybag) of Nintendo machines

Over the years, some canceled games have become "holy grails" for collectors and video game archaeologists. Castlevania: Resurrection on Dreamcast is one of them.

The discovery of the prototype being major, with the agreement of its owner, I can disclose it and show it to you.

Be careful, I don't know what my knowledge intends to do with it. I do not wish to harbor false hopes.

No one remembered "Kyskrew". Yet it did exist, the project had been far before it was canceled.

The game was in development by Dragonhydre, a French team of around twenty members.

They were planning to make it free exclusively for the Dreamcast!

Release of its preparatory work!

The list of games canceled for the Dreamcast.

Some titles have been discovered in the last 20 years, others are yet to be found. By getting in touch with the right people, we were able to learn more about certain games.

Hoping that new unreleased ones will appear in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Rare photos of the commercial launch of Sonic 3 Megadrive in France and of a competition on Super Monaco GP Megadrive.

It is not common to find photos dating back 30 years. These photos are important and give us an image of these events.

We just have to find others, as much as possible !!!

White Label Vignette article.png
deadstock SEGA Dreamcast
SEGA France SAV document 1992-1999.png
Copie de Gauntlet Legend.png
Castlevania Resurrection dreamcast prototype
Black and White dreamcast
Sonic 3 Megadrive lancement français

The project had stopped at 30% of its development.


Just a few levels are playable.

The Appaloosa studio, behind Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, had the task of developing a version of the Smurfs for Dreamcast and Playstation 2.

It will be necessary to be satisfied with this video.

Les Schtroumpfs Ps2, Dreamcast in game.jpg

The rise of Sega France and its dizzying fall:

-The history of Sega France seen from the inside

-Anecdotes including one about Propeller Arena

-The launch of the Dreamcast and its Internet connectivity with Rocco Siffredi as a guest

-Release of a promotional embossed booklet

Fur Fighters Dreamcast, digital file and archive used to create the game's official strategy guide.

Some information about the game such as its stories, its bestiary, the levels visited.

Without forgetting the release of the archive used to write the official guide as well as the uploading of 2 prototypes.

Sega France époque dreamcast

Release of prototypes and Dreamcast documents for Sonic (Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic The Hedgehog Character Manual Official Stylebook Binder).


The 15th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, the famous Sega mascot created by Yuji Naka (short biography) with a fake press release, was on June 23, 2006.


Sonic Adventure will be part of the franchise's transition to 3D with the presentation of the characters.

This article gathers my Sonic Dreamcast prototype releases like Sonic Shuffle (debug menu), Sonic Adventure (website backup) and Sonic Adventure 2.

For Sonic Adventure Dreamcast, the Sonic Team, in 1996, left to do scouting in South America.

Thanks to these archives found in a prototype of Planet Web Sonic Adventure, we can again follow their journey.

One thing is certain, they took advantage of it!

Armada 2 and Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse on Dreamcast,  behind the scenes of 2 Unreleased from the company  Metro3D with poignant testimonies of their cancellation.

We learn more about the reasons for the cancellation of these 2 titles which were to be released on Dreamcast.

Agartha is arguably the most fun and exciting Unreleased to analyze. The video, the playable parts of the title show nothing but at the same time reveal a lot.It is possible to imagine playing a finished game.

We can make hypotheses for future puzzles to solve. Winks are hidden in the sets or in the build files.

Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse logo.JPG

The Zip Drive Dreamcast was designed for Sega's latest console. It has never been marketed.

Sega Japan's marketing department did not see the need for a Zip drive and did not plan to use it extensively.

IOMEGA, an American company, was responsible for the design of this device.

The goal of was to increase the storage capacity of the Dreamcast. The user was going to be able to save DLC that Sega was planning to release on certain games.

Deer Hunter, the hunt had to start on Dreamcast!

With  700,000 copies of the game sold in the United States, Deer Hunter on PC had been a real success.

What we didn't know was that deer stalking season was ready to begin on the Dreamcast. Following Sega's decision to withdraw from the industry as a manufacturer, the game was canceled.

He was playable. There were still many  months to finish it.

Deer Hunter was at 50% of his development.

A watch connected to the Dreamcast resulting from a partnership between Sega and Swatch, a Dreamcast TV box from the manufacturer Pace without forgetting a Dreamcast MP3 player, accessories that will be canceled.

From the online game to the reservation of concert tickets through listening to MP3s and video dialogue, the whole aspect of the Dreamcast connected to the net was planned. Sega believed in the possibilities Online with a catalog of accessories more than complete, some of which will never see the light of day.

If we know the PSX version, World's Scariest Police Chases, we forget that a game of this license was also supposed to appear on Dreamcast. It would have been called World's Scariest Police Chases: Deadly Pursuit (developed by Teeny Weeny Games).


The car chase game was about 40% complete, it was playable. Fox terminated the project because they did not see a future for the Dreamcast and did not want to continue funding it.

The game, Planet of the Apes on Dreamcast, which was set to accompany the release of the next Saga film, was based on the story of the franchise's first feature film. No scenario having yet been selected for the new film from Fox, the developers, the French studio Visiware, had been forced to create their own stories. The DC version was canceled for marketing reasons. The best Dreamcast version was not as successful as the PC version.

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Dreamcast (US) World's Scariest Police Chases Deadly Pursuit FRONT fusion.png

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