The Origin of the "Sega Dreamcast Info" Site

The purpose of this site is to archive my various projects related to SEGA, in particular the digitization of 35 mm reels of MEGADRIVE advertisements from the nineties "SEGA is stronger than you" with the famous Punk.

You will find my Dreamcast prototype uploads there like Half-Life , Agartha for example and a hundred others. Releases of documents, press kits and other treasures are also available.

You will be able to read articles related to SEGA among other things Logistics , the after-sales service of this company and many others.

I want to try to create a database. I have already started with the most complete listings (code, scan) on the Dreamcast white label .

To briefly introduce myself, I'm a Swiss collector, named Comby Laurent , playing the preservation game. My philosophy is as follows:



Do not hesitate to contact me on the various social networks or by email.

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If you have any archives (scans, iso, rom, ect) to share online, please write to me. If you need help with the extraction of your prototypes, we can help you (loan of equipment to carry it out, come to your place, where we take care of it).

You can support me in my preservation adventure, in my future projects or for the site below.

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"In order to continue my archiving and preservation work, I need help in financing my website, document storage services on MEGA, as well as for the acquisition of future pieces to share with you in return, as well as for new projects. Top priority goes to the website and maintaining the storage of the existing "

My last major project to date is the digitization of the 35mm rushes of the Sega Megadrive "Sega c'est louder que toi" commercials. Their scans had cost € 13,000, thanks to the donation of a patron.


Together, and with your help, we could advance similarly important projects.

The specificities of the Site:

SEGA Megadrive pubs, publicité avec le p
Classeur SEGA France SAV.jpg
Castlevania Resurrection dreamcast proto

This section lists my records related to video games, for example the discovery of Castlevania Ressurection .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I'm also trying to build a database, especially for the Dreamcast White Label and Limited consoles .

For 15 months, I struggled to digitize Sega Megadrive commercial rushes from 35mm reels!

You will be able to retrace my adventure on my work of restoration and archiving of this project marked by ups and downs!

Half Life dreamcast
Dreamcast Limited Christmas Seaman

Before creating this site, I did my releases on various forums. You will find the prototypes, document and others that I had already put online and those exclusive to the site.

The most interesting betas (with debugs, early build) have their own pages.

Disc Première Dreamcast bundle.jpg

Over the years, I have been able to acquire Unreleased for the Dreamcast. If some had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to discover and participate in writing a new page in the history of Sega's latest console.

You will find them all on this page.

Half Life dreamcast beta
Agartha corver

On this page, you can watch the digitization of some of my VHS , DVD or Demo .

I still have someone to go on Youtube.

Dreamcast VHS

The blog was created to talk about everything and nothing.

I use it to write articles with information in my possession that does not allow me to write a complete dossier or when I have very little object related to the subject in my collection.

Dreamcast Zip
Dreamcast swatch accessoire.jpg


Why the creation of the site?

The goal is to archive my various projects undertaken in connection with the world of video games. My collection includes rare pieces, even unique in the world, these must be shown and analyzed to benefit as many people as possible. A public sharing allows a secure preservation of the video game heritage, there will always be a trace somewhere in the future. Video games belong to everyone.

Who takes part in the archiving work on the site, who are the people who help?

  • Comby Laurent : it's me. I am the creator of the site. I mainly take care of the dump of the prototypes, the scans of the documents, the analysis of the beta, the drafting of the articles ...

  • Sizious : during large releases of prototypes with high potential, he analyzes their contents from a technical point of view. He also creates CDIs for Unreleased ones. He takes care of extracting data from Dev Kit and making everything playable. Sizious is perhaps the person most involved in the various sitel projects.

  • Sifting : He's a talented person who likes challenges. His reverse work is impressive.

  • Japanese Cake : her expertise is invaluable, unfortunately she is running out of time. When he can, he collaborates in support of Sizious .

  • Darcagn : his expertise is precious, unfortunately he is running out of time. He collaborates in support of Japanese Cake and Sizious .

  • MetalliC : its help is always welcome especially on the technical parts (Bios, Dev Kit ect.). He has a good knowledge of the Dreamcast and masters its subject.

  • The pen of a friend who prefers to remain anonymous : during important articles or files, they take care of their correction.

We can also cite: Shindougo (CDI, beta test), Ian Micheal (CDI, analysis), Victor Sokolov (CDI, analysis), Régis Monterrin (correction, writing)

What is covered on the site?

The site is Sega oriented and mainly Dreamcast. This is no reason not to talk about other media like Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony. The important thing is that everything is preserved, from the information to the material part and its digitization.

Where do the items presented come from?

95% of the objects come from Laurent's collection. Some people and collectors offer their press kits and prototypes to share them via " Sega-dreamcast-info-games-preservation ", a big thank you to them.

How can you help me?

Feedback on the site is always good to take. Do not hesitate to suggest improvements to be made. If you encounter any errors (links not working for example), let us know in order to correct them. If you have any elements (documents, prototypes, scans, testimonials etc.) that you want to share through the site, I will be happy to do so (thank you in advance for placing your trust in me).

How can I help you ?

We put our knowledge at your disposal. We can help you in the dump of your games and others by lending you the necessary equipment, by guiding you in the process to follow or by coming directly to your home. It is also possible to send me your documents to scan or your prototypes to dump so that I do it myself, I will send them back to you once the work is finished. The choice of release or not will be up to you.

How is the extraction of the prototypes going?

Since the creation of the site, the process used to extract the data from a Dreamcast prototype has been carried out with the help of the BBA (Broadband Adaptater or high speed modem). This method allows a clean digitization of the games. Before, the dumps were done with the Dcsdrip11 tool (redump required).

How does the proposed data go online?

I try to upload something once a week. Releases are done on Sunday or Monday. Articles are published when they are ready. Some documents are nominative, it is impossible to put them on the internet, you can consult them at home, I make sure to use them in certain articles without showing them. Some prototypes have their own pages, when the data differs from the standard set. The dates and versions of the builds may be wrong, they are subject to change. I ignore the final versions (the data is similar to the retail game), I consider them a beta knowing that the disc is ultimately a prototype. Other preservation sites do not include them in their database.